Working with schools

And she continues to learn…

Sridevi Gudlanu hails from an agricultural family from Halgera. The outcome of her Std 9 exams caused great disappointment and heart break. She had failed all her papers. Sridevi gave up on her hopes to study further. This is a challenging situation for many girls in our project villages and it is our constant effort to ensure that while we advocate for their continuation in school, we also ensure that she is given sufficient support for academic performance. Sridevi travelled to her maternal uncle’s place that she hoped would help her cope with this difficult phase.

Sphoorthi team treated this case as priority since after all, our core drive is to see girls continue in school! All efforts were made to inspire and support Sridevi and get her back to school, with the commitment to offer her all the academic support she may need to do well.

The Sphoorthi team interacted with her parents and understood that although they wanted their daughter back in school, Sridevi was adamant and too discouraged to return. All their attempts to convince her failed. The ta, followed this up with a visit to Sridevi’s School in Halgera villageThey learnt from her teacher that Sridevi had failed all the exams and was barely able to read and write Kannada and English. The headmaster said that it is in Sridevi’s best interest that she repeats one more year with close support from the school authorities to help her and hone her academic abilities. The school authorities and teachers said that they were leaving no stone unturned to boost the children’s confidence by teaching the weaker ones the basics of their subjects right from learning basic alphabets in Kannada and English. The school authorities requested Sphoorthi team to bring Sridevi’s parents and the child along to school ensuring that they would sufficiently convince her to return to school.

Sphoorthi team contacted the parents and has Sridevi return to her home in her village. They accompanied her and the parents to school. The school authorities met the girl and spent time understanding her. Sridevi shared that it would be difficult for her to return to the same school. After all a “shameful experience” for many girls in her position. She was however willing to return to schooling if given admission in some other school. Arrangements were made for her admission to another neighbouring school, 9 km from her village.

Sridevi visited her school to collect the transfer certificate during when her Headmaster from the school enquired with her if she experienced anytSridevi_20170623_114214326hing unpleasant the school either from his side or any teachers’ side, to which Sridevi said no.  After interacting with the Headmaster, Sridevi thought to herself and decided that she would go not no other school but return to her own in Halgera village. The same day Sridevi took blessings from her father and took readmission in her school and she continues to learn…

There are many Sridevis in our communities. Only a handful are understood and given the needed support and encouragement. Most are neglected as  “poor” students not deserving to study. Sridevi was a lucky one. Sphoorthi team never gave up on her. Her parents did not and neither did her School teachers! Sridevi took a bold decision and we are certain she will not regret it!