Working with boys

Team building game for boys and girlsKHPT believes in working with boys to transform their attitudes towards gender, emphasizing the right of adolescent girls to a life free of violence and abuse. We work to achieve positive changes in boys’ attitudes and behaviors towards developing equitable gender roles. We have a component of gender socialization providing opportunities for boys and girls to interact and develop a culture of mutual respect.

We through our interventions with boys are building them to recognise and support the girls enabling them to enjoy equal opportunities in education, employment, marriage, and social life.

Popular sports, theatre, film making and social events are uSports kit distribution 2sed as a channel for communicating positive messages on masculinity and respect for women. Videos have been used to generate discussions on different topics related to girls education, relationships, violence, sexual health. Life skills education sessions have been employed using participatory methodologies to generate discussion and motivate boy’s to take positive stands for gender equity.